Move-In Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Understandably, moving can be a very stressful time in your life. There is such a long list of things to do when you move, and a smooth operation takes plenty of planning. Added to the seemingly endless list of things you need to do is cleaning your new home. With that in mind, we’ve provided proven tips for house cleaning before moving in.

Should You Clean Before or After Moving?

Cleaning your new home before you move is a great way to get a truly fresh start. Cleaning a house before moving in will likely be the most thorough cleaning it will get for a while. Not only can you track down dirt and dust without furniture and other items getting in the way, but scrubbing, mopping, and other chores are faster because there's nothing to block your view.

Cleaning before you move in also helps you discover possible hidden stains and odors. A good cleaning gives you a fresh start and a home that smells and feels clean. Before you unload a single box, get your new place sparkling clean and smelling fresh with helpful tips from the pros at Molly Maid.

Not sure you're up for a cleaning marathon? Call in the pros from Molly Maid. We'll handle the cleaning while you work on the many other things you need to do to move into your beautifully clean home.

How Do I Clean Before I Move In?

Cleaning a house before moving in is more manageable when you have a proven move-in cleaning checklist that covers all the bases. Your field-tested checklist will keep you on track from start to finish, including the bathrooms, kitchen, and other rooms. Make sure you give yourself and the rest of the cleaning team enough time to do a thorough cleaning job.

This is a great time to clean every nook and cranny because once you move in, cleaning under furniture and behind appliances may not be as easy. And since we mentioned the ‘cleaning team,’ involving the whole family can make the cleaning easier and quicker. Children over the age of 10 can be a big help when it comes to cleaning. Add a little incentive, like rewarding them with their favorite dinner or dessert, and you have a motivated helper to make your job easier.

Want to Clean Like the Pros?

To clean your new place like a pro, start high and finish low. Cleaning high to low lets all that dirt and dust you stir up settle on surfaces below, so you don't have to clean areas twice. Clean the tops of cabinets, high shelves, ceiling fans, and light fixtures first—this will require you to reach high places, so take your time and be careful. Once the higher areas are clean, work your way down, cleaning as you go. Eventually, you'll get down on your hands and knees to clean the baseboards and, finally, the floors.

Pro Cleaning Hack: Use a dryer sheet to wipe down your baseboards. This method will also help repel pet hair and dust from building up on your baseboards for weeks.

Clean the Refrigerator

If you have food that requires refrigeration, the kitchen is first up. Start with the fridge and counters, then move on to the rest of the kitchen using your cleaning checklist. Pull out the fridge and vacuum and mop behind and beneath it.

Clean the refrigerator and freezer inside and out, paying close attention to the racks and drawers. Let the racks and drawers soak in the kitchen sink while you clean the rest of the appliance. Once you're done, put it all back together and load your food into your nice, clean refrigerator.

Clean the Kitchen Counters

You'll use the counters to sort food items and for assembling supplies, tools, and other cleaning gear. Clean the counters and let them air dry before putting anything on them. As a final precaution, spray disinfectant on the counters to prevent cross-contamination and the spread of germs.

Clean the Bathrooms

First, check for leaks, damaged caulk and grout, and mold. Make a list of any issues that need to be addressed later on—for now, your focus is a clean and healthy bathroom. Here are some cleaning tips to follow:

  • Turn on the exhaust fan and open a window before you begin cleaning. This will provide adequate ventilation and minimize any buildup of fumes from cleaning products.
  • Clean the toilet bowl, sink, shower, tub, and faucets. If the tub and/or shower have grime buildup, soak them with a cleaning product and let it work for at least 30 minutes before scrubbing.
  • Follow up with disinfectant to kill any leftover germs.
  • Clean the mirror, cabinets, and other surfaces.
  • Vacuum and mop the floor.

Clean the Floors

Cleaning floors should be one of the last things on your move-in cleaning list. After cleaning the entire home, some dirt, dust, and grime eventually settles on your floors. So, leaving the floors and carpet for last will ensure everything is as clean as possible when you move in.

Laminate floors
Using a steam mop on a laminate floor is not recommended because the moisture could cause warping and other damage to the floor. It’s best to sweep or vacuum the floor first, then use a damp mop to clean. As mentioned, avoid applying too much water to the laminate floor. A spray bottle and a dry mop can also get the job done.

Hardwood floors
Like laminate flooring, wood floors are also susceptible to moisture damage, so use caution when applying any liquid to clean them. Vacuum or sweep excess dirt and dust. Mix four cups of warm water and a few drops of Castile soap in a bucket. Use a damp mop to clean one small section of the floor at a time, and be sure to dry the area before moving on.

First, vacuum and treat visible stains. Check here for tips on how to remove stains from carpet. Once you’ve removed the stains, use a carpet cleaner that extracts water to clean the entire carpet and remove embedded dirt and grime. Let the carpet dry completely before walking on it, which typically takes several hours, and then vacuum again thoroughly to remove any residue. Once you’re ready to move in, place carpet runners, mats, or plastic down to keep your carpet clean during the moving process.

Let the Professionals Help You Get It All Done

Cleaning your new house before you move in feels great because you know you’re starting off in a home that is clean from top to bottom, but all that cleaning does take time and energy. And while moving into a new home is exciting, it can also be a stressful time.

If you like the idea of moving into a beautifully clean home but don’t have the time, Molly Maid can help! Our move-in cleaning services and professional cleaning team will ensure your new home is spotless when you’re ready to move in. We offer flexible cleaning options that work with your schedule. And our Neighborly Done Right Promise™ ensures your complete satisfaction. So take cleaning off your list of things to do before you move and request a free quote from your local Molly Maid today!

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