What's Included

Our housecleaning services are just what you need

At Molly Maid, we believe that the best way to catch a break is to schedule professional cleaning services that save you time, energy, and stress. Your home should feel like an escape from the pressures of everyday life and we’re proud to help you make that possible.

Our exceptional services use a cleaning approach we can apply to any room, including your:

  • Kitchen: As the hub of your home, your kitchen deserves the most special treatment. We’ll start by wiping all small appliances and countertops and clean your microwave’s interior. Then, we’ll move on to the stovetop, drip pans, and hood. After wiping down the rest of your appliances, chairs, tables, and cabinets, we’ll vacuum and mop your floors.
  • Laundry room: Our residential housekeepers will clean all surfaces in this room, from wiping the washer and dryer to mopping the floor.
  • Living room: You deserve to relax in a clean, comfortable living room. That’s why we’ll take the time to dust and clean every corner of this room, paying close attention to detail. We’ll also vacuum your floor and furniture, including under the cushions.
  • Dining room: We’ll dust the light furniture as well as wipe and clean all of the furniture in your dining room. Our professional housecleaners will finish off this room by vacuuming.
  • Bedrooms: In order to ensure that you have the best night’s sleep, we’ll dust baseboards, window sills, and every other surface in your bedroom. We’ll even clean mirrors, hanging frames, and vacuum to finish.We can also replace bed linens upon request.
  • Bathrooms: As one of the most important rooms in the house, it’s critical that your bathroom is as sanitary as possible. In addition to clearing these rooms of dust and cobwebs, we’ll also wipe clean your tub, mirrors, faucets, basins, countertops, and surrounding areas. Our team of experts will take the time to clean the interior and exterior of your shower and your toilet before vacuuming and mopping the floor.
  • Additional rooms: We’re happy to incorporate other rooms into your cleaning plan. Molly Maid is proud to offer comprehensive interior cleaning services that can be customized for any residence.

With more than three decades in the housecleaning business, we’re proud to be trusted by thousands of families nationwide.